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two posts in one day!!

Happily borrowed from [personal profile] inarticulate!!

reply and i'll give you four fandoms. you then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

And she gave me: Here is Greenwood, Sengoku Basara, Haunted Junction, and Samurai Warriors.

Here is Greenwood

I haven't re-read this in a while, and at one point, I would've definitely said Mitsuru, but you know? It's actually Suka-chan. I really love him and all the things he goes through, his trials... especially after he becomes the dorm RA. I love how they torment him but how he grows through it, because of it and despite it. I also love his brother and his family so, so much, and all together, it just makes him really interesting and awesome to me.

But I reread the first volumes I might switch back to Mitsuru again, I STILL LOVE HIM A LOT. cry.

Sengoku Basara

This is probably exceedingly obvious but I just love Yukimura to bits. I know that the popular one in fandom seems to be Masamune, and I like him too, but... I just love the whole Takeda family dynamic that Yukimura is part of. I love how he's grown and found things he wants to do for himself, while trying not to compromise on his loyalty to Shingen. I love his rivalry and his friendship/relationship with Sasuke. I also really love his speech, sob.

Haunted Junction

Tried and true, it's Haruto, of course. His normalcy and his insanity about everything is just. I don't know if I can really put into words why I love him. /o\

Samurai Warriors

OH BOY. Yeah it's still Masamune - I fell in love with him from his ending video of SW2 and the love has never left, even despite my love affairs with Nagamasa, Yukimura, Motonari, Keiji... etc... Masamune is still my favourite. I think it's just because he has a depth that is only hinted at through the games, and each one adds a little bit more to him and his story, and... history. I find Masamune endlessly fascinating with how he is represented in this series of games. The third one... I was afraid about, but honestly, everything that happens in that game only fleshes things out even better. I screamed when I saw the part from the COMMERCIAL in which he referenced his father and his new path asdksjdssas. incoherent ;A;
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Suka-chan definitely grew on me the more I read/watched, I think-- I used to be pretty indifferent to him, but now even with the earlier material I adore him. :D There's definitely something about him.

Also: ♥ ♥ ♥