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Nagamasamura Keijimoto ([personal profile] sempai) wrote2009-09-09 08:27 am

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So on the topic of Tenchijin, since I'm at work... It's one of those shows I download almost religiously, but don't watch right away. I usually get the raws as they come out, skim them for anything interesting and then get the sub from the Hawaii broadcast which is behind.

The sub for 28, I think, came out - this is relevant cause it's the Masamune first episode. It was awesome now knowing what the fuck was going on. Kanetsugu totally gets under his skin and Kanetsugu doesn't really understand why. I also enjoyed that Kanetsugu hit Masamune where it hurt, in regards to family (again unknowingly.)

AND THEN Masamune annihilated the Ashina. GG Kanetsugu :(

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