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Nagamasamura Keijimoto ([personal profile] sempai) wrote2009-04-26 02:02 pm

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028 once under a red moon

Like echoes, even now, Masamune could still hear the voice of his mother, the voice he heard when he was still Bontenmaru, when he was still a child. Not fit to be leader of the Date.

He tried to be strong, but Masamune could recall crying those days. When his mother whispered her hatred in his ear, when she spoke to his father about his brother instead, when the servants refused to look at him in the eyes. Not out of respect, but out of embarrassment.

And he remembered that the decision had been his. Early evening, in the summer. He and Kojuro, the only one who had ever looked at him as more than a nuisance, more than just a half-blind boy, more than just a liability. Maybe more than just one of the Date clan. Bontenmaru never really knew, but he didn't really care. He had been strong then, when the tanto had cut into his eye. He had only cried out once, even when all he could see was red.

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